Talent Management and Succession Plan

We implement our talent management, succession plan, performance management and development practices in accordance with the Cementir Group Human Resources Strategy, in harmony with our global systems and by supporting them with our local projects.

We foster a culture of talent by attracting and developing the best professionals and providing a safe and motivating work environment for our most important asset, our employees. We create our development projects under the umbrella of Cementir Group One Group Identity.

In order to establish a solid leadership approach, we regularly work every year under the Group Succession Plan for critical positions. The critical positions list is updated and expanded in line with our Business Plan and main strategic objectives.

Talent Attraction Projects

Build Your Future

With the “Build Your Future” Project, we offer vocational high school students a 2-year development and employment opportunity.

Our Group offers new graduates the chance to gain experience in production, quality and maintenance departments, which are among the most valuable business unit areas of the cement industry, through the Talent Development Project designed with the aim of recruiting trained workforce for the sector. After the training program, which is prepared with a rich content, including theoretical and practical training, they will be assigned to the relevant departments and continue their development programs for one more year. Within the scope of the project, we selected our first group with a comprehensive assessment centre. The following roadmap awaits our new graduates from the Departments of Chemistry, Electricity, and Machinery. 3 female and 3 male new graduates from the Chemistry and Electrical Departments are entitled to take part in the project.

Global Gradutate Program: CemenTorship

We are looking for talented graduates who aim at an international experience.

CemenTorship, young talents will get technical and managerial skills under a 1 year structured program, while having the opportunity of working in different countries as well.

Click for detailed information and application: Global Gradutate Program

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