Contributing to society and considering our growth as an integral part of the development of our society constitutes our basic philosophy. Being aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and its leading role in society, the Group provides support to reputable projects that make a difference mainly in education, health, culture, art, and environmental issues. It is our main goal and expectation that the support we give and the donations we make in these areas create long-term value for our country.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy takes as a reference our business approach responsible towards our employees, neighbours, and stakeholders.

As an organisation that targets:

  • Legitimate and sustainable business activities,
  • Principles of clear and transparent partnership and cooperation,
  • Adoption of business ethics, honesty, and respect as ethical values,
  • Minimisation of the effects of business processes,
  • Supporting long-term projects,

and that has adopted it as a principle to generate policies accordingly, our Group prioritises the social responsibility initiatives developed around this approach.

In order to conduct the social responsibility activities and more accurately manage sustainable exemplary projects, Çimentaş Group established Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation (ÇESVAK) in 1986. Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation put into operation a great educational project under the designation “Işıkkent Educational Campus” in the 1998-1999 school year. Under this project, education is provided at all educational levels from nursery school to high school.

Işıkkent High School (Işıkkent Educational Campus) was established with financial support from Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation in 1998 and is renowned for its sophisticated and investigative approach in education. For this purpose, a campus equipped with proper facilities has been constructed. Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation acts with the devotion of supporting, improving, and inspiring Işıkkent Educational Campus, which has an innovative and research-oriented approach to education.

Further, with support from Çimentaş Türk A.Ş. and through our Foundation, the investments in;

  • Çimentaş Primary School
  • Çimentaş High School
  • Çimentaş District Polyclinic

have been completed and donated to the public.


Concrete donation to “Science Village”

Concrete donation with Lumintech in Gaziemir / İzmir