Our story started in Izmir in 1950 and today is all over Turkey continues as one of the leading industrial establishments, as an important subsidiary of Cementir Group, one of the leading brands in the world in grey and white cement, aggregate and concrete production.


A group of investors from İzmir came together and laid the foundations of Çimentaş, the first private cement company of the Aegean Region.


Çimentaş started its activities with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons.


Çimbeton was established to produce Ready-Mixed Concrete and to provide product diversity.


Çimentaş shares were offered to the public on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.


Kars Cement was acquired in line with the expansion strategy.


Acquired by Cementir Holding, one of the most important groups in the world.


Çimentaş bought two more cement plants in Thrace (Edirne) and Elazig and increased the number of concrete plants of its subsidiary Çimbeton, which is traded in the stock market, by following a vertically integrated model.


With the aim of increasing the commitment to sustainability, Çimentaş acquired Süreko, an industrial waste disposal and recovery company operating in Manisa Kula.

In 2011, the Group through the newly incorporated subsidiary, Recydia, entered the business of alternative waste-derived fuels (SRF/RDF) by acquiring the 25-year concession for a part of Istanbul urban waste treatment and building of a state-of-the-art production plant in Kӧmurcuoda. In 2012 Recydia acquired Neales Waste Management Ltd, a company founded in 1991 in Lancashire (United Kingdom) and active in the collection, treatment, and disposal of urban and industrial waste in Manchester area.


Çimentaş acquired Ege Kırmataş company operating in Torbalı, İzmir. Thus, it expanded its field of activity by creating the aggregate business unit.
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