Our Group is a group of companies that consistently maintains and improves its strong and leading position in the industry and that values its employees and business partners and the expectations of its stakeholders and that is open to change.

Çimentaş Group aims at providing a motivating working environment in which all its employees are committed to the group values and proud of being a member of Çimentaş Group.

Çimentaş considers the time allocated and support given to personal development to be an indispensable instrument for the development of business culture, adoption of creative and innovative business forms and enhancement of individual competence and potential. Therefore, it has adopted it as the main objective of its employment policy to assess its employees not only for their existing experience and competences but also for their potential.

Çimentaş Group is a group that makes significant contributions to employment with its approximately 1000 employees and to the country’s economy with the corporation tax rating in which it is included every year.

Our Group is an organization which is conscious of the fact that richness will arise from diversity, and which is sought for and renowned for its policies directed to this. As the representative in Turkey of this approach which an international organizations with operations in 18 countries in 5 continents as well as a total of 11 cement plants, 31 terminals, 105 ready-mix concrete plants and 3 waste disposal plants, 2 international R&D centers and 3700 employees, the Group considers its employees the most important element of its success.

The group has a Human Resources Policy approach which utilizes the Group resources efficiently, is sensitive in the environmental, occupational health and safety issues, is compliant with the quality standards, gets strength from its employees’ creativity besides giving importance to their ideas and feedbacks and considers it the basis for effective use of human resources.

Both as a school and the leader of a great number of innovations in the industry, Çimentaş has been being considered to be an ecole in the industry since 1950. The Çimentaş school has brought up and is still bringing up innumerable professionals for the industry.

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