We started to feel the negative effects of climate change all over the world. In our company, which aims to be a pioneer in all matters concerning the society and the environment, we put climate change and the measures to be taken at the top of our agenda, considering that it is extremely important to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause this change and to leave the legacy they deserve to future generations.

Cementir Group has defined a sustainability strategy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030, with a 10-year Roadmap and committing 107 million euros to sustainability projects in the 2021-2023 Industrial Plan. Cementir is rated A- by CDP and holds sustainability ratings with all major agencies worldwide. In July 2021, the Science Based Targets initiative validated Cementir CO2 emission reduction targets, judged to be consistent with the ‘well below 2˚C’ objective. As part of Cementir Group, we have defined our local target and local roadmap to contribute to Global target of Cementir Group.

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The threat of climate change, developing technology, changes in social and working life, and the necessity of adapting to the new world order created by increasing competition are leading all world companies to switch to the circular economy model.

The circular economy is a new production model centered on sustainability and innovation, where resources are used more responsibly, product life is extended, and all materials are recycled without producing waste. The circular economy, supported by the transition to renewable energy sources, creates economic, natural, and social capital.

To build more with less and protect our ecosystems, we follow the three principles of the circular economy - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our company, which aims to contribute to the circular economy at the highest level in the world and in our country, has determined the development areas until 2030, prepared the necessary investment plans and started its studies to implement new business models.

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