Our HS Culture

Safety in the workplace is a fundamental value for us. Safety begins with our workers and returns to them as the final objective of the actions we implement for the overall risk mitigation and management.

We believe that injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented. In achieving our goal of ‘Zero Harm' the main attitude required to our managers is the leadership through visible and exemplary behaviour, proactive commitment, and involvement of employees.

What is Occupational Health and Safety for us?

It is an integral part of our strategy!

Define clear goals and targets to be reached through specific action plans and following a systemic approach.

Everybody has a role and bears a responsibility to prevent incidents!

Show leadership and commitment, starting from visible and exemplary behaviour of the management and promote workers awareness and participation. Establish accountabilities and responsibilities and make sure that all workers comply with procedures and rules in order to guarantee the health and safety of the whole organization.

It is to conduct a prior risk assessment for any operation!

Identify hazards and conduct risk assessments in all work-related circumstances (e.g., routine, and non-routine, complex operations) to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

It is an integral part of daily activities!

Define and adjourn work-related procedures and risk assessment practices regularly, in order to establish proven and reliable controls to mitigate risks.

It is an attitude that need to be trained and encouraged!

Train and coach employees prior to start their work-related activities. Implement and develop awareness and competence to safely fulfil their tasks.

It is to learn from failures as well as successes!

Learn from accidents and near misses and share experiences with employees as a key factor, as much as investigate and report all root causes rigorously.

It is to guarantee the compliance with the laws at all levels of responsibility!

Identify, understand, and comply with all applicable local, regional, national and international legislation as well as corporate guidelines and rules. Review all workplaces and individual tasks on a regular basis, to ensure compliance.

It is to focus on continuous improvement!

Monitor, audit and review the adequacy and effectiveness of the OH&S management system, procedures, and performances according to reference indicators and Group guideline and rules. As a result, define and implement any necessary corrective measure.

It is to promote transparency and collaboration!

Build with all stakeholders a relationship based on the utmost openness and trust. Develop a constructive cooperation in the management of health and safety both within the group and with local communities and institutions.

Health and Safety Golden Rules

Çimentaş Group Occupational Health and Safety Golden Rules are the basic rules that aim to prevent incidents and accidents in our work areas and summarize the general Occupational Health and Safety principles of our Group. It is a prerequisite to always implement the Occupational Health and Safety rules and to carry out our work based on the "Safety of One, Responsibility of All" approach in our workplaces, and to develop our preventive Occupational Health and Safety practices. For this reason, it is our general commitment to implement these rules in all areas of our work and to monitor their implementation.

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