With its modern view, its principles putting customer satisfaction to the forefront, its quality-oriented and expectations-directed policies offering reliable solutions, its follow-up of the progresses in the national and international markets, the importance it places on R&D, innovation and technology and the investment it makes in human resource, Çimbeton confidently proceeds as a pursuer of further goals.

Çimbeton employs the most recent innovations of technology at the production and distribution stages and satisfies the consumers’ requirements in a quick manner and under the most accurate conditions through its updated dispatching fleet, thus maintaining its leadership in its industry. Having consolidated its leadership in the industry through the investments it has made on HR, Çimbeton possesses the effective, well-trained and experienced human resource to satisfy the same from production to sales, from quality control to market requirements.

Elevating the customer satisfaction to the maximum level in accordance with its mission, Çimbeton adopts the principles of reliability, environmental consciousness and continuity of quality. All its plants hold TSE Compliance with Turkish Standards and Production Competence Certificates and Concrete Quality Assurance System Conformity Certificate. Capable of producing all types of concrete at TSE standards, Çimbeton now maintains its journey to be a sought-for company in the Marmara Region with firm steps now as it has already been identified with the high-performance and quality ready-mixed concrete concept in the Aegean Region.

Çimbeton is distinguished from its competitors for its product diversity which it has differentiated by the requirements of the market and for its solution-offering approach. It establishes its marketing strategies by the long-term and permanent customer satisfaction not by the short-term and variable requirements in the market and takes action through business plans intended for this purpose. Considering the customer expectations and their constructive criticisms and comments to be an instrument in achieving its business goals, Çimbeton considers it as a part of its business and continuous development to respond to the feedback and requests of its customers on these matters in the fastest possible way.

Trust in Çimbeton is the outcome of the works carried out sensitively at the production and distribution stages and the continuity in product quality, starting from raw material procurement. Each stage of the production is directed by sophisticated computer technologies and systems check one another. Çimbeton possesses an effective quality control system with its laboratories installed at all its plants and its well-trained and experienced employees. Providing services with the awareness of observing building quality above and beyond material quality, Çimbeton offers its technical assistance to the authorities of the construction yard both before and after concrete casting.

Foounding the very first fully-closed ready-mixed concrete plant of Turkey and thus leading its industry on environmental awareness, Çimbeton keeps the fulfilment and utilisation of environment-related legislative conditions among its basic performance goals. Experience and knowledge accumulated through many years ensures Çimbeton to be a strong solution partner for consumers.

Çimbeton maintains its services through its plants located at 20 different locations in the Aegean and Marmara Regions and an annual ready-mixed concrete capacity of 3.600.000 m3.

Çimbeton was incorporated in 1985 by Çimentaş, which is a Group Company, in order to produce, sell and distribute ready-mixed concrete and started production just one year afterwards.  

Besides being the very first corporate ready-mixed concrete production company ever starting to operate in the Aegean Region, Çimbeton is also the very first publicly traded company in the industry. Çimbeton stocks have been being traded at BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) since 18th December 1997.