Contributing to the development of our country with reliable and solid structures since 1985, Çimbeton adopts a quality-oriented approach in all its processes. Concrete recipes are prepared within the scope of the relevant standards, with suitable raw materials selected by engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields after preliminary tests and inspections. Production automation processes, quality control processes, test device calibrations, final product quality values are regularly audited and documented by the Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete Association Quality Assurance System (KGS) and the Quality Environment Committee (KÇK) that affiliated with the Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association.

Çimbeton's R&D laboratory in İzmir and Cementir Holding's R&D center in Denmark design innovative products to meet customer needs and add new functions to concrete . Çimbeton considers customer requests and opinions in R&D processes from the very beginning of the design process and attaches importance to meet customer needs in the most accurate way. R&D laboratory maintains engineering solution product development, raw material quality control, concrete recipe optimization, customer technical support activities successfully.

Çimbeton, having deep experience and knowledge in producing engineering solution products, makes a difference with its many patented products. Examples of these products are, decorative and colored concretes for aesthetic solutions, concretes resistant to freeze-thaw effects, lightweight concretes for increasing earthquake safety, concretes with steel wire reinforcement or macro synthetic fiber for long-lasting use on industrial floors, self-compacting concretes for allowing concrete to settle into the mold easily without the need for labor, waterproof concrete for structures exposed to water exposure, and concrete with high durability performance for projects with hundred-year or more service life. Çimbeton carries out R&D projects in this field and leads the sector while taking digital applications and low-carbon products into its agenda in parallel with the developments in the world.

Quality and R&D units conduct trainings and seminars for employees of customers and especially for architecture and civil engineering students every year in order to concrete properties and application accurately known. Çimbeton, which is continuously developing cooperation with universities, supports academic studies and attaches importance to strengthening the industry-university relationship.

Çimbeton provides added value to all its business partners based on the principles of customer orientation, continuous improvement and sustainability in its Quality and R&D activities.