The development of our employees is one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy.

We regularly carry out programs to identify and develop our Group's talents to support our potential future leaders who will enable us to grow. We implement development programs in different categories (technical and functional, OHS, personal development, foreign language, quality and management systems, etc.) throughout the year, within the scope of our training plan, which was created considering in-house development needs.

In 2021, we implemented a new Performance Management System called “myPerformance” for all Group managers and employees. Our system, which is built on the Success Factors platform; It enables us to track employee goals, skills, competencies, and development plans and align them with our strategic Group goals.

Our performance management system allows for systematic monitoring of individual performance and social skills. At the same time, it was designed to develop a new performance appraisal approach that would support the continuous feedback process and focus on development.

Cementir Academy

Developing our competencies and integrating different knowledge and cultures into our Group, supporting corporate strategy and results, developing global leaders of today and tomorrow, accelerating the transformation of the Group and promoting diversity and inclusion are the main mission of our Academy.

Although the pandemic process caused by Covid-19 has forced us to implement an emergency plan, we have designed and implemented different processes related to core training and development processes, focusing on our online platforms:

In addition to our academy catalogue, new online trainings (Protection of Personal Data, Human Rights, Management of Non-Conformances, Ethical Rules and Performance Management) were translated into different languages, ensuring the active participation of Cementir Group employees in all fields of activity.

Employee development is also supported by internal and external training processes accompanied by a range of initiatives, such as the chance to be involved in business processes involving different departments and, in some cases, work experience abroad.