Basic reasons for a customer to prefer self-compacting concrete:

  • Smooth surface
  • Early high resistance (capability of achieving 35% of the required pressure resistance within the initial 24 hours without curing)
  • Fast casting
  • Long-term durability (prolonged concrete service life)
  • Easy workability
  • Increased concrete casting performance
  • No segregation
  • Achievement of more impermeable concretes

Basic characteristic properties of self-compacting concrete

  • lower water-cement ratio (e.g.: 0,35-0,45)
  • hyper plasticizer admixture performance
  • high-rate fine aggregate (2-5 mm)
  • higher filler ratio (limestone powder and fly-ash)
  • Dmax : 15 mm
  • high flow (65-70 cm)

Areas of use in the construction industry

  • Swimming pools (for impermeable concrete)
  • Columns (for smooth-surfaced concrete)
  • Raft foundations (for impermeable concretes)
  • Precast beam bridges (early resistance, smooth surface and high strength)